AVEO English Academy of Excellence

  1. Who are we?

The team of AVEO consists of qualified and motivated professionals ready to offer you their expertise, knowledge and experience for the purpose of easy, fast and quality education.

  1. Why do we do it?

AVEO is based on a simple solution- the solution of the how to learn more easily, quickly and efficiently English grammar.

  1. What do we believe in?

AVEO is the place where real problems meet their solutions. The place where difficulties and uncertainty are replaced by structured clarity and ease of applicability of knowledge in English in our everyday world and life.

“Inspired by the idea of ​​helping people, of saving time and offering the best English language education, we created AVEO. AVEO came in response to the problem of many students how to learn more easily, quickly and efficiently in English.

The goal is to systematize and to structure knowledge in a system that gives complete clarity and reveals new grammatical material in a way that is easily and properly applied in everyday communication of our students.”

Alexa George- founder of AVEO, professional educator, and entrepreneur.