Many people and especially students are afraid to start reading a book in English. They fear that they will not understand anything and they will have too much vocabulary, and finally they will become disappointed by their knowledge. The idea of reading a page, holding a pencil and constantly underlining new words and then looking them up in the dictionary, is a common image in everyone`s head. But the reality is different.

Nowadays, there are many interesting books in English, adapted for readers of different levels. For example, if you are Pre-Intermediate or B1, it is a good idea to start with a book for Elementary level. This way you will gain more confidence and you will not become disappointed if you do not understand everything. The idea is to actually enjoy the plot, instead of checking every second word in the dictionary.

A lower-level book will allow you to focus on the story, not on the new words; to practice your grammar and understanding, and to get satisfaction by reading a whole book in English (no matter if it`s 50 or 500 pages). The effort is important and what counts.

In AVEO we appreciate your time and efforts, and we would be happy to help in the choice of a book and a level. We also have a virtual library with more than 50 titles by great writers, adapted from levels A1 to C2.

Please, contact your teacher for more assistance in choosing an appropriate and interesting book for your practice and entertainment.