Our first unique method is called “Construction”. Its development continued for 10 years and it has been giving us the best results ever since. We have taught hundreds of students using it as primal method and it has shown greater success than we expected. This method itself is enough to give you the most profound understanding of English grammar and structure of sentences.

“Construction” has been created by the founder of AVEO- Alexa Georg and it explains the difficult word and sentence order using simple diagrams and constructions (hence the name of the method). The method expounds the complexity of a sentence by two prime and fundamental constructions used in each and every tense in English grammar. The two constructions are used and applied as Math formulas giving our students a simple and structured way of learning the new knowledge and expressing themselves easily and correctly in English.

The students are also taught what terms as “subject”, “object” and “verb” are, what is their position and are given the two formulas to follow, resulting in quick learning, getting used to using them in everyday life and different occasions.