According to a recent study, people who know at least one foreign language receive higher salaries and better social benefits to people who speak only their native language.

Corporate language education will increase the motivation of your employees to learn, develop and achieve better results in the workplace. Your business will increase the standard of customer service, sales growth and the satisfaction of your employees.

AVEO offers you a tailor-make corporate language education according to an agreed in advance curriculum specifically designed for the needs of your company. The main objective in the preparation of the curriculum is to outline the guidelines of education at the appropriate level, develop their language skills, enrich their knowledge and build proper models of social behaviour in situations of intercultural communication.

When you select our team of professionals, we guarantee:

  • language audit of knowledge of your employees;
  • choice of orientation of the education- general communicative English or Business English;
  • commenting on the level and degree of knowledge required and to which aspects of language to focus on more (communication, grammar, writing);
  • determining the vocabulary you want to be present according to the various situations in which the English language will be used;
  • recommendation of the most appropriate and effective educational system fulfilling the requirements above;
  • duration of the course and frequency of the training session is subject to mutual agreement and in accordance with the operating schedule of your employees;
  • maintaining regular feedback about your employees` visits, their participation and progress;
  • simultaneous training of your employees from different cities and countries.