The aim of AVEO`s online education is to offer the best combination of lessons with a teacher in real time and the comfort of your own home. “Live online lessons” means that you attend a course with one of our brilliant teachers which is NOT a recorded lesson and you do this from your home but in certain time. Our teachers are on your service to educate, explain, motivate and identify your strong sides as well as your weaknesses regarding English language and its grammar. You do NOT watch some recorded old lessons but you have an expert who works with you in real time. You can simultaneously ask questions, make conversations, do exercises under their supervision and enjoy the coziness of your own chair at your home.

We offer a unique and original kind of education. While most of the other language centres give you a course on levels, we suggest you an opportunity to learn and improve your knowledge on certain grammatical tenses.  Our courses focus on DIFFERENT TENSES and other useful grammar elements. Let`s imagine you want to learn or master the most used tense in English language- you need just Present Simple Tense. You sing up to our 2-month course and we are going to teach you how, when and why to use it in your everyday communication. We will also give you a variety of exercises to practise and improve this knowledge. You will be amazed by the results!

We offer a special kind of courses that focus on certain grammar tense that you want to master. You DO NOT have to study a whole level as A2 or Elementary and spend years on it. If you feel that you need to refresh your knowledge or improve a specific tense, you can sign up for one of our many expert short-term courses.

You can sign up for our unique courses from any part of the world. They are online, so you only need to be on the Internet at the exact time during the lesson. AVEO welcomes students from all over the world.

If you doubt about your knowledge and level, you can easily check it by taking our special entry test. It will show you your weak points and where you need to focus to improve more.

For our unique courses AVEO`s top experts created a special methodology as well as educational materials for it. They are a compilation of theory and a lot of different exercises, all based on years of experiments and search for the best mastering techniques and excellence.

Our courses last for 2 months with a real teacher in real time. The education is online, using Skype. You can see our teachers and ask them any questions for better understanding of the material. You will also do a lot of exercises and talking during the lessons which the teacher will supervise and help with.


AVEO offers different sized groups according to the requirements and individual needs of our clients:

  • Individual lessons: one student
  • Group classes: 4-6 students
  • Corporate education: negotiable according to the requirements and needs of the client

A lesson usually lasts 2 clock hours or 3 class hours which include Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing with a theoretical part and a lot of specially prepared exercises.

 Yes, the price varies according to the group size and duration of the course.

Our online courses are in real time so you can choose the most appropriate time for you and sign up for a day course, evening course or a weekend course. Every course usually takes place twice a week so that you can have enough time to learn and master the material and upgrade your knowledge until the next lesson.

AVEO is proud to present the excellence of English language education shaped specially for our corporate clients. We would love to meet all your requirements and needs offering you a reasonable price and exclusive service.


You can easily sign up by sending us an e-mail with information about

  • the kind of course you would like to attend
  • the appropriate time for you to attend it.

Then you will receive a reply informing you about ways of payment and confirmation of your enrollment.

AVEO issues original certificates which provide more than 80% attendance in educational activities online and successfully passed final exam for that level. We stand very much not only on the quality of teaching, but also on the quality of the knowledge acquired by our students.