You do not feel comfortable in groups, you do not like to conform with other students, you are worried to ask the teacher questions in front of other people. You hate traffic and congestion and you prefer to be in the comfort and cosiness of your home.

You want to study at your own pace, but you do not have much time and you want quick results. If you feel that way too, then we at AVEO English Academy of Excellence offer Individual lessons according to your personal needs, purposes, style and progress, and in appropriate for you time.

One of the most effective and efficacious ways of learning in short terms is through individual lessons. For you in AVEO we will create an individual educational programme which will focus on your specific learning style, speed and specifications, will satisfy your personal needs and purposes and will take place in an appropriate for you time and in the comfort of your own home.

When choosing our professional team, we guarantee:

~ A shorter period for acquiring the necessary knowledge;
~ Efficient and qualitative understanding of the material;
~ Convenient hours according to your free time;
~ Preparation of an individual plan for your training programme, adapted to your level of knowledge and your way of mastering the material, and according to the desired intensity;
~ Our teacher works only with you and throughout the lesson and you get 100% attention;
~ Our teacher explains every detail of the material comprehensibly and as many times as needed;
~ For each individual lesson materials are prepared specifically to meet the purposes and your learning style and speed;
~ Individual training provides a choice of days and times of classes;
~ Ability to work on individual shortcomings or preparation for a specific purpose, if necessary, you can change the direction of the training.

* We recommend  2 or 3 sessions a week for two hours for maximum efficiency.