(writing the new words in a vocabulary notebook)

My former teacher at school, who I respect very much, used to make us write every new word at least 10 times. This sounds easy but not when you have 50-100 new words every school day and on top of it you go to a private English course every Saturday. So I really hated writing these words for at least 2 hours every afternoon. But what I didn`t know back then, was that this has proven to be one of the best methods for learning new vocabulary. And it`s applicable for every language.

So, no matter age and language if you really want to learn well the new words, here`s the way. When you come across a new word, underline it, then write it in your vocabulary notebook and afterwards write it down at least 10 times in a notebook. My advice is to buy a separate notebook exactly for the purpose of vocabulary writing. Then write again each of the new words, maybe 5 times the next day and repeat that for a few more days.

If you doubt that you have memorized the words you are supposed to know, you can make a short review by writing each word 5 times every week or so. My teacher used to say that even if your brain didn`t remember the word, your hand did it, especially after so much writing.